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Supporting Your Healthy Lifestyle
  • This bundle includes everything you need to boost your nutrition intake
  • Bottle Only Included in First Month
  • Also includes a shaker for on-the-go use
  • 2 Months Free for 12 Month Subscribers

From: $134.95 / month


Product Description


What’s in Lifestyle Pack

1x COMPLETE PROTEIN: Choose any flavours.

1x ORGANIC DETOX: Natural detox supplement made with a blend of chlorella and spirulina

1x SUPER GREENS: Nutrient-rich organic powder made with 100% organic kale and broccoli.

How to Use Lifestyle Pack

Take 1 serve of COMPLETE PROTEIN per day, 1 serve of ORGANIC DETOX per day, and 1 serve of SUPER GREENS per day.

Mix into water, smoothies, or other dishes of your choice.

Nutritional Information
Check these products individually for their nutritional information: Complete Protein, Super Greens , Organic Detox
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