Sherrie - 57kg → 53kg

The 25 Day Weight Loss Program was life-changing! I've always struggled to lose weight sustainably. In the past, I would mindlessly cut down on calories and exercise without thinking about the nutrients my body needed, and this only left me tired and hangry, even when I saw results.

During the 25 day program, I lost 3.2kg.  Even after the first week, I could see my stomach toning up which is something I've always wanted to achieve. But it's not just the weight loss that makes me such a happy customer. More importantly, I know my body was getting all the nutrients it needs from ZEST SLIM because I felt so energised even on minimal sleep. I had enough energy to keep to a daily 20-30 minute exercise routine, and a busy uni and work schedule.

I also noticed about 3 days into the program that my skin was smoother than it had ever been. Being someone who is prone to breakouts especially after wearing makeup, when stressed or sleep deprived, this made me so happy. Even with just 4-6 hours of sleep a night, I wasn't breaking out anymore and my skin was so clear! Waking up in the morning became a lot easier than before, especially knowing that I could start the day with a Zest Slim shake. It is delicious when blended with almond and coconut milk, blueberries, cacao powder and some oats!

For all those out there jaded by fad diets and unsustainable weight loss programs that make you hangry and tired, for anyone pursuing a healthy lifestyle or looking to add a delicious ingredient to a morning smoothie, give ZEST SLIM by Healthyroo a try!