Healthyroo: Who We Are

Who We Are

Healthyroo is the manufacturer of vegan-friendly health food and sports nutrition products. Australian owned, HACCP-approved and Sydney-based, our products are formulated by dieticians with an emphasis on quality and function. Our Mission is to inspire and create the highest quality natural functional health foods without compromising on taste and texture, and that everyday people can also enjoy. 

Remember Healthyroo for clean certified organic brown rice and pea proteins, organic detox and super greens! 

Our products have a low sensory impact and are very gentle on the stomach. That’s why active people—from daily grinders to athletes—love them, as our products help them perform at their most optimum level.

What We Are Not 

We are not a marketing company; we are on the side of the consumer. We don’t believe in over-hyping our products, and we are not a middle-man either. We produce and package our own products, and are based in Brookvale, Sydney, in Australia.