Why Veganism is rising in Australia

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veganism in australia

With the emerging popularity of veganism, Australia is quickly becoming one of the world's top markets for vegan foods. At a rate that outpaces most other countries in terms of growth and demand, this country has seen an increase to 9.6%. In 2020 alone, according to an estimate, Australian consumers have spent $215 million on vegan products which are expected to continue growing rapidly along with global interest in plant-based diets.

There are a number of reasons why veganism is becoming popular in Australia. The most common example is health-related. Along with this, the way society views health and body image has changed quite significantly in recent years. 

Health Consciousness

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Since COVID-19, Australians have become more health-conscious. Vegan foods have attracted more and more Australians after COVID-19, even though the trend had already started before the outbreak. While some people retreated to their sofas during the first wave of COVID-19, others took it as the perfect opportunity to be healthier through dieting, opting for healthy foods and exercising.

The Rise of Clean Eating

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A key factor in this rise is clean eating. The number of Australians interested in veganism has been attributed to people seeking a diet that's lower in fat and higher in protein intake. This shift towards clean living can also be seen with the popularity of juice diets and detoxes - which are often vegan friendly or contain ingredients like kale that have no animal products. There's also an emphasis on natural remedies for common ailments such as headaches, acne, sinusitis and even depression being increasingly popular among Australian consumers who want to maintain their health while not having to rely on medication alone (and many medications by design contain animal products).

Societal Views about Health and Body Image

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The way society views health and body image has changed quite significantly in recent years. For example, there has been a shift in the focus from weight loss to wellness. Moreover, dieting is not as popular anymore and preoccupation with our food choices gets less attention.

In addition to this, veganism can be seen as an expression of what it means to live healthy by following principles such as clean eating (eating natural foods), mindfulness (paying attention to the body and its needs) and self-care.

Environmental Awareness

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There's also been an increase in environmental awareness and a shift away from the carnivorous lifestyles that have been the norm for centuries.

The best example of this is in terms of food production and consumption. The livestock industry produces 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions, more than all transportation combined (13%). With growing concern about climate change and recognition that meat-based diets are unsustainable, veganism has become a more attractive option.

You are What You Eat Trend

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"You are what you eat." This phrase has been around for centuries, but recently it's becoming more relevant than ever before with a trend towards eating food that is good for your health and also good for the environment. The result is an increase in the number of people looking into the benefits of veganism and plant-based diets throughout the world including Australia.

Rise of Vegan Restaurants in Australia

As the vegan population is on the rise, so are the vegan restaurants across Australia. Many are popping up all across the major cities. They are not just regular restaurants serving regular foods. In fact, they serve delightful and tasteful plant-based dishes that will make you feel great about what you're eating. Here's a list of some fantastic vegan restaurants in Sydney. Here's a list of few from across Australia.

If you're just starting out on a vegan diet or are considering trying one, we've compiled some of our favourite recipes to get you started. Check them out if you want to have more energy while losing weight!